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  *** We are very happy to say that under our new structure, we can welcome new clients. ***

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About Us

Welcome to Pampered Pet Grooming, South Croydon. We are a family run business that has been established in Croydon for over twenty five years.
We are super happy to include, Jess, of "Poochi Pets" also Sarah of "Sarah's home groom" and Fran, our lovely new Groomer. We are a team of Knowledgable, caring, and very experienced Groomers.

Our aim is to provide a calm, happy environment in which your pet can enjoy their grooming experience.

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What We Do

We specialise in small breed dogs and pretty but practical ‘pet trims’. All of our Groomers are trained to the highest standard and will treat every animal in our care as our own.

We are also able to provide cat grooming appointments. However these appointments are very limited so please be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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In our salon we prioritise the hygiene and wellbeing of the animals, so every groom will include a hygiene trim, nails cut, and ears cleaned. We believe in kind grooming and therefore do not offer dematting services in our salon.

We offer 3 different package services for your four (or sometimes 3) legged friend, please see our FAQs and price list for more details.

Please note due to our salon equipment we are unable to provide grooming services for large breed dogs.

Dog Grooming Packages
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Cat grooming is a very skilled service and therefore require a high level of skill. Thankfully, for the most part, cats are excellent at grooming themselves and we rarely have to intervene. However, in the rare instance that we do need to, we can offer cat bathing for the very well behaved cat!

Cat grooming generally includes nail cutting, ears cleaning, matt removal and de-shedding! We also offer a service called Express Hygiene which helps keep poop cling-ons away!

We offer shave off service to Cats who have coats that have gone past the point of being brushed out.

Cat Grooming Packages
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What is a Full Groom?

We currently offer three different services: The most basic is a ‘Bath and Blow dry’ - which includes nails cut and ears cleaned. The second is an ‘In-betweenie’ – this includes the basics plus we clip the toe pads, groin, bottom and arm pits. We then hand scissor a smart eye line and tidy feet. (This is also the service we offer to puppies under 6 months!) The ‘Full Groom’ includes all of the above plus a haircut to your specification!

What affects the price?

Due to the rising popularity of mixed breeds we are now seeing a lovely variety of coat sizes and textures. A thick, tighter-curled coat requires significantly more skill and expertise to care for than a soft, fine terrier coat! Similarly the time it takes for us to work on larger coats is longer than we need for finer coats. Our prices vary based on the skill and time needed per animal. Coats that are overdue a groom may incur a surcharge.

How long does it take?

For the Bath and Blow dry and In-betweenie services it usually takes an hour to an hour and a half. For full grooms we generally ask customers to allow between two to two and a half hours. Times may increase if you are bringing in two dogs or more.

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