A ‘FULL GROOM’ at Pampered Pets:

Once we’ve discussed your preferred style, your pooch or puss trots straight off to the bathroom for a luxurious power shower in our hydrotub! We use very light, diluted shampoo so that even the most sensitive of skin isn’t affected or irritated. After a thorough rinse, and a little conditioner if needed, we use high power blow dryers to remove all the dead, excess coat that you would usually find on your clothes and furniture! After a quick fluff dry, your pampered pet then heads back upstairs for brief episode of R&R before they have their haircut!

Once on the table, your pooch or puss receives the star treatment with a fabulous haircut as pre-discussed. Once nails are cut and ears plucked and cleaned, it’s time for the final sprits of perfume and into a nice cosy bed ready for mummy and daddy to come and collect them!  

A ‘FACE, FEET & BOTTOM’ at Pampered Pets:

All of the above, with the exception of the final haircut. With a face, feet & bottom we usually tidy up the face and the eyeline (so your pooch can see again!), the feet are trimmed and paw pads clipped, and lastly, we tidy up the (ahem) unhygienic areas to keep your pooch feeling clean and fresh.

This is a great treat for in between full grooms, especially if you have a particular event to attend with your pet!

A ‘BATH & BLOW DRY’ at Pampered Pets:

A job that’s done in the bathroom - this is normally for our short coated friends like Labradors, Staffies, Rotties, Dalmatians etc! So it’s all those services, except the fluff finish as we don’t need to see a fluffy Dalmatian… although that would be fun…

Cat grooms at Pampered Pets:

Cats are a little different. Cats usually need two people to handle them and begin their groom upstairs where they have their nails cut, any problem areas (matts) shaved out, and any dead coat brushed/combed out. They then head downstairs with the bathroom girls to have their bubble bath, fluff dry and ears cleaned. Lastly, they head back upstairs to the groomer who comb through the freshly cleaned coat, attend to any trimming requested by their mummy or daddy, and then back their cat carrier for a snooze before they’re collected!  

Nail clipping:

We are happy to clip nails any time, no appointment needed!  Just call in and we will do the job while you wait, it only takes a few minutes! 
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